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Boxers are active, muscular dogs. The breed has a strong neck, square muzzle and cropped ears. However, it is not obligatory for Boxer owners to crop their pet's ears. The coat is smooth and short. The tail is usually docked.

Despite the fact that the Boxer's ancestor, the Bulldog, has a plenty of profound wrinkles on the face, the Boxer's wrinkles are not deep and therefore, are not so noticeable. The bite is undershot with long fangs set well apart to make the muzzle appear broad enough. The eyes are dark, giving the expression of spirit and lust for life.

Adult Boxers reach the height of 21-25 inches. They weigh from 53 to 70 pounds. Boxers are agile and playful. They are said to be always in action. In fact, the breed is very energetic and needs a great deal of exercise. Boxers are happiest when being busy with something. The breed excels in obedience and agility, and other canine sports. It is easy to train due to its intelligence and devotion to the owner.

As for care, Boxers do not need specialized care and will do well with a few walks a day. It is recommended to keep Boxers in a medium fenced yard. However, the dog gets adjusted to apartment living fairly soon. Needless to say, a Boxer should get sufficient exercise when living in an apartment. To be kept in mind, Boxers do not tolerate extreme temperatures. Therefore, walking a Boxer in cold weather should be avoided.

Boxers - History

The Boxer's origin is quite clear unlike the origin of many other breeds. The dog appeared in Germany in late 1800's due to the crossing of the English Bulldog and the Bullenbeisser, which went extinct long ago. However, the American Kennel Club did not acknowledge Boxers until 1904.

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The area bay boxer rescue clubs are usually rescues sponsored and operated by the local breeders.

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